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Cascade Manifesto

Cascade Manifesto: An Open Letter to Residents of the Cascade Range is a celebration of the mountain range that has shaped so much of the West Coast of North America. This 8-page, single-poem chapbook was produced in 2015 to honor the 35th anniversary of the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens. It is for sale in a limited edition. To order a copy, email Christine at christine@christinecolasurdo.com.


From the opening stanza of Cascade Manifesto:


We live in a land of volcanoes.

We live in a land of earthquakes and volcanoes.

We live in a land of landslides, rock fall, debris flows, mudflows,

avalanches of snow and ice, avalanches of pyroclastics.

We move through a moving landscape—

a land alive beneath our feet, beneath our houses,

beneath our schools, beneath our streets.

We move beneath a sky of moving mountain—

of glassy ash, blizzards of earth drifting down to settle

as the forest’s next percolated layer of rain-soaked soil.


© 2015 Christine Colasurdo



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© 2021 Christine Colasurdo